Jarvis Law Proudly Sponsors Children Through Plan Canada

Jarvis Law believes in breaking the cycle of poverty internationally, which is why we are proud to sponsor a child through Plan Canada. We are passionate about helping children achieve their true potential regardless of income. We want to create a cycle of progress, which is why we sponsor Ireen Billy, an 11-year-old girl in Malawi:

Name: Ireen Billy

Age: 11

Country: Malawi

Area: Lilongwe

Religion: Christian

Language: Chichewa

Gender: Female


Father: Biller, born in 1975, a peasant farmer

Mother: Florence, born in 1980, a peasant farmer

Brother: Daison, born in 2000

Brother: Gracian, born in 2002

Sister: Jenifa, born in 2009

Ireen’s Living Conditions

Ireen is able to attend primary school, but it takes 30 minutes for her to reach school. She has been healthy and has not suffered from serious illness. Her family lives in a brick home with a thatched roof and earth floor. They use wood for cooking and are 30 minutes away from the nearest health facility. With no running water they must obtain water from a borehole, a process that can take up to 30 minutes. They also must use a latrine hole as a restroom. A more in depth profile on the area where Ireen lives is presented by Plan Canada, as well as the goals for improving the area.

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