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Equalization is one of the most complicated parts of legal separation. Issues between the partners can often escalate if the property division isn’t legally supervised. Jarvis Law maintains a strong reputation as a family-run law firm providing legal consultation on asset protection and property division in Oakville. To date we have helped many individuals in addressing their property concerns following a separation.

If you need legal help to protect your assets post-divorce, contact us now. Whether you have real estate holdings, retirement savings or any other investment, our legal team will ensure that you don’t lose out on any of them unfairly.

2013 Family Law Act

The 2013 Family Law Act has made property division complex. The new concept of ‘Excluded Assets’ has come under the act. Even though the rules remain the same for common law spouses and married couples, it requires professional legal assistance to understand them all clearly. While passing an order on property division, the court takes a lot of factors into consideration, such as the length of the marriage, role of each spouse, family property acquisition and so on.

Although the Family Law Act clearly defines family property, the law has also introduced the concept of Excluded Assets. However, trial decisions dealing with Excluded Assets are quite conflicting, which makes it more difficult to comprehend. At Jarvis Law, we’re well-versed with the new property division rules along with the parameters considered by the court. When you come to us, we’ll analyze your situation and take appropriate steps to protect your financial future.

Professional Help for Family Law Cases

We specialize in all areas of family law including divorce and child custody.

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