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Marriage is an exciting step in life. While it includes major changes personally, there are also a few legal obligations involved. Hiring an experienced and dedicated family lawyer to identify and explain those legal obligations to you can help you cover your bases for the duration of your marriage and beyond, allowing you to have peace of mind on your big day and start married life on the right foot. 

Jarvis Law is a reputable family-run law firm. For 24 years, we have helped many individuals across Oakville with marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements. Contact us today. Our lawyer will help you draft an equitable contract stating property distribution and spousal support if your relationship ends.

Importance of a Contract

End to a marriage or live-in relationship can affect the assets of both the individuals involved. To ensure that there’s no conflict regarding property distribution or financial support from one of the spouses, it’s suggested to have a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement in place. They bring security and predictability in the relationship. In the unfortunate occasion of separation, partners have a clear idea about their rights to assets or finances.


Professional Help for Family Law Cases

We specialize in all areas of family law including divorce and child custody.

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